The Wasaga Beach Father's Day Fly

Our annual pilgrimage to the world's longest freshwater beach. The winds on the Saturday were very strong and forced a number of fliers to seek shelter in a local sports complex. Sunday was a much better day and allowed for flying on the beach!

How may people does Bill Peart need to hold him down when flying the NPW-HA. Apparently three!
Dennis Ische gets ready to launch his amazing 20 foot Delta on the beach.
Kerry St.Dennis flies his Rev stack while Bill Peart looks on.
The Longhurst's at play! Rick looks on while Lyn gets in some flying time.
A couple of nice Codys share the blue skies over the beach.
Drifting sand was a problem on the Saturday as can be seen in this photo. It's hard to tell which bit is road and which bit is beach!