Strawberry Fields Kite Fly 2004,

St. Thomas

Sunny skies and brisk wind was the order of the day for Eric Curtis and Anne Sloboda's 13th Annual Strawberry Fields Kite Festival.

Ed Hummel Carlos Simoes and Dennis Ische, had their Bols and Crowns spinning around there too.

Bols from a different angle.
Bols and kites.
Dennis Ische's 20 foot Delta and Larry & Karen Green's Double Delta Conyne.
Eric Curtis' celtic design kite arch. Beautiful!
Kathy Holt of the Renegade Strings and Royal City Fun Flyers putting her E2 through it's paces.
Uh, Larry, is it supposed to go that high? Uh, I dunno Den, I've never seen it at this angle before.
There, that's better boys. Uh Dennis, what is that hanging from the front of your pants? Hope it's a kite bag.
Mass Ascension of kites in St. Thomas.
More of the Mass Ascension.
Vaino Raun's Pyro Deltas flying in formation.
Tails and Bears and Bols......
...and a very large chicken!
Holy kites Batman! Batman? Batman?