Rick Longhurst's Kites

Here are a few of my favourite moments while with the greatest kite club in Southwestern Ontario.

Rick flying indoors at White Oaks Mall in Amherstburg, Ontario
Putting his Session Mk.II through it's paces at Gosfield N. Public School
Rick with his Sode variation and granddaughter Kendra
Proud moment. Rick flys one of Lam Hoac's incredible kites.
Rick with an NPW5 he had built for his son Craig for Christmas
Presenting Larry Green with his new fighter kite box after Rick "accidentally" stepped on the old one (gotcha Bud!)
Larry Green holds up the stage as Rick explains some of the kites to students at Malden Central school
Some of Larry and Karen Green's kites in the background
My first really good dual line sport kite. A Premier TnT. Wotta kite!
Three are better than one, don't you think?
The Wright Brothers revisited.
Beautiful re-creation by Joel Shultz
L-R:Jim Scott of Make-A-Wish®, Wish Child Danielle, Karen Bondy of Make-A-Wish® and Rick Longhurst, Essex Kite Flyers
Rick Longhurst and Lam Hoac discuss sport kites at Wasaga Beach.
I recently started building fighter kites. Here is a Korean fighter with a bamboo frame and sail made from black polyethylene gift wrap film.
This is a mylar skinned 'Pokey Long Dog' built from a plan by Bruce Lambert.
Here is my version of Ralph Resnick's Xphighter 460. The skin on this one is semi-transparent white Orcon.
My own design, the 'Baby Albatross Competition', skinned in white Orcon again but this time it is decorated using permanent markers.