Opus 1

Designed by Larry Green a.k.a. 'The Wizard'.

This fighter has been designed in two sizes, one with a .050" bow and one with a .060" bow.

Both versions fly very well.

This plan is offered to any fighter builders who may like to try it but the copyright is retained by Larry Green.

The green lines represent the sail, the red lines represent the spars and the cyan lines show the bridle points.

A regular 3-point bridle is recommended for this kite.

To save this plan to your hard drive proceed as follows:

On a PC - Right click on the image and select 'Save Picture As' then select a place on your hard drive.

On a MAC - Click and hold the mouse button until the menu appears. Select 'Save Image As' then select a place on your hard drive.

NOTE: The plan is drawn to scale but is not drawn fullsize! Use the dimensions to build your kite.