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Club/Association Sites


AmericanKitefliers Association

Black Swamp Air Force

HamiltonHigh Flyers

Kitchener-Waterloo Wind Climbers


NorthwestFighter Kite Association

Renegade Strings

RoyalCity Fun Fliers

Toronto Kite Fliers


Brighton Kite Flyers (UK)

Fort Bonifacio Sport KiteCommunity (Philippines)

Fliers Personal Sites

John Rolph

Cyber Fighter Website

Dennis Ische a.k.a. 'The Mad Scientist'


Merwin Updyke

NPW Bill

Sam Ritter

Stan Kellar

Tom White

Kite Display Teams

Ray Bethel

Windjammers Stunt Kite Team

Kite Educational Sites

Kite Plan Base

Drachen Foundation

Kite Facts


Kites - A Brief History

Kitesand Kite Flying

Kitesas an Educational Tool

Kites,Kid's & Education

One Sky, One World

TheVirtual Kite Zoo

WindAbove, Earth Below - Traditional Kite Making in China

World Kite Museum and Hallof Fame

Wind Speed Information

The Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort Wind Scale

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