Farm Fly 2004

Unfortunately the Farm Fly this year suffered from a distinct lack of wind,

but we did what we could with what we had and enjoyed ourselves anyway!

Some of the banners making up the ground display.

Bill Peart worked hard to get Barb Osmon's 20 foot Delta in the air only to have it sink right back down again as soon as the pressure went off the line.

Kerry St.Dennis managed to find some wind for his wonderful new Rev stack.
Dennis Ische used the 'no wind' times to make some bridle adjustments.
Gary Maynard of the Windjammers poses beside his beautiful large banner.
After the Saturday fly a bunch of folks met up at Ricks place.

Standing L-R: Bill Peart, Lyn Longhurst, Jeff Donde, Kerry St.Dennis, Karen Green, Rick Longhurst, Elsie Lombardo.

Sitting L-R: Kathy Holt, Dennis Ische, Larry Green.

Sunday morning brought a little more wind and the dual line fliers made the most of it.
Rick managed to get his dual liner into the air too.
Lyn relaxes in the shade, Dennis looks for another kite while Kathy takes the easy option and flies her single liner sitting down!
But then the winds died again and we were back to looking at lots of kites on the ground!