2003 AKA Convention, Dayton, Ohio

One high point of the 2003 flying season was attending the AKA Convention in Dayton Ohio in October.

If you look half way down on the left side the 2 men in jean jackets are Rick Longhurst and Doug Rounding.

Another legend in kiting, Lee Sedgewick flying a single line kite during the soft kite Mass Ascension.
Kites, Banners and Arches covered the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
Peter Lynn's 800 sq. ft. "pillow". This kite broke loose at one point but was recovered before hitting restricted air space (no joke!)
One of the beautiful kites up for auction at the loud auction at the Hope Hotel.
Chicago Fire was hot on the competitor's heels.
Austin End of the Line performs for the crowds.
Two small Bols at the meet.
Doug Rounding stands in front of an inflatable Spikey Ball.
More Bols filled the air with colour.
Doug Rounding flying his Canadian Flag kite at Dayton.
Kite building legend Ron Gibian and his lovely wife, Sandy.