Canal Days 2004, Port Colborne

Ziggy Racek of Kitchener flew his impressive Polish Delta. This kite normally looks big in the sky...........

......but against a huge Flow Form it looks dwarfed.

Beautiful kites against a beautiful sky.
The sky was certainly filled with colour.
Kerry St.Dennis of Guelph gives a demonstration with his brand new Rev stack.
This amazing Waifang Butterfly also graced the skies.
Part of the large and impressive ground display.
The Roks battle it out.
Kerry St.Dennis hoisted his KAP rig and got some very nice shots.
Another KAP shot of the kite arch.'s not every day you get to see a kite from this angle. Nice one Kerry!
This poor guy looks like he's scared of all that water surrounding the field. Hope that little ducky ring will hold you!
Boo to you too you big Blue Meanie you!