About The Essex Kite Flyers

Nine years ago, I founded the Essex Kite Flyers Group. After a suggestion from another group, we shortened it to The Essex Kiteflyers.

At one time we were recognized as the fastest growing kite group in Ontario. Went from the original four members, to an astounding 36 members in a short 18 months.

We then decided that we wanted to do fund raisers and became a dues paying group. We raised more than $8000 for the Make A Wish Foundation of Southwestern Ontario. An accomplishment I am still very proud of.

Well, 2 years ago, things happened beyond my control, and I stepped down as Chairman. The group as we knew it pretty well came to a standstill. The people who worked with me were very diligent with their duties and for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Well I am pleased to tell you, The Essex Kiteflyers are back, not as a dues paying club, but as a fun flying club. If we are asked to perform anywhere for most any reason, we will be there.

There is one change, for 4+ years, Larry Green set up and maintained our website. Times change and Larry has passed the torch to our new web master, John Rolph from Leamington. Thank you Larry for an incredible job and to John, good luck with this new undertaking.

There will be no Chairman or treasurer, but we will still need a secretary to perhaps one day doing an EKF newsletter. John has offered to do this as well, unless anyone else would like the responsibility.

All past members are more than welcome to remain as members and will be treated as currant members unless otherwise notified.

We will be holding flies like we used to such as The Farm Fly, Adrian Conn's night Fly and the One World One Sky Kite Fly.

Remember, we are all one family and the sky is our world.

Kites..........a natural High

Rick Longhurst

The complete 'Calendar of Events' can be found from the button on the left or by following this link if you want to go there directly.

The map below shows the location of Co-An Park with directions from the USA and London as well as local directions. You are more than welcome to come along and pay us a visit during any of our Club Flys or festivals.

We look forward to seeing you on the field!