The Andrew Baxter Memorial Fly 2004

This year's fly was another great success. The weather seemed determined to make it a repeat of last year as we had three days of thunderstorms prior to the event again but at least the day was dry (but cloudy). We had enough wind for everyone for most of the time but unfortunately ran out of wind before we could hold the night fly. We had a great turn out of both fliers and spectators and raised almost as much on the day of the fly as we raised in total last year! By the time we tallied all the corporate, union and service club donations and the money taken in on the day from registrations, food sales, silent and loud auctions and 50/50 draw we not only surpassed our target figure of $1,500 we more than doubled it! Thanks to the generosity of all those involved we will be giving the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Southwestern Ontario a check for $4,113.80!

After consultation with the Foundation we were very pleased to learn that this figure is enough to provide a 'wish child' with a wish and we will be a 'named' provider, which in turn means that we may even get to meet the child who will be helped by your generosity.

A very big thank you is owed to all our sponsors, the people who donated to the cause and to the visiting guest fliers from all over Southern Ontario, Michigan and Ohio. Without you guys/girls we could not have done it!

We had demonstration flies by members of the Royal City Fun Fliers and Kitchener-Waterloo Wind Climbers and for the first time we held a fighter competition with fliers from Michigan, and Ohio as well as local club members. The Windjammers Stunt Kite Team unfortunately had problems at the border and two members turned up late in the afternoon after a third member was refused entry and was turned back due to incorrect paperwork. Eric Curtis of Boreal Kites turned up with his beautiful Deltas, Genkis and ground display and Jeff Donde of London brought along his usual amazing variety of kites. Thanks to all the fliers for making it a great day!

The Sponsors

(without the people, businesses and organizations listed below this event would not be possible....thanks again folks!)

Financial Sponsors



Tim & Denise Baxter (plus family & friends)


CAW Local 200

CAW Local 195


CAW Local 444


Knights of Columbus - Essex


UFCW Local 278W


CAW Local 2458
IBEW Local 773

Knights of Columbus - Maidstone


CAW Local 1973


Pepsi Social Club

Dennis Ische - Renegade Strings Kite Club


Goods & Service Sponsors



Adrian Conn - EKF

Kite Earrings

Artworks By Carrie

Ceramic Bunny, Love Stone

Barb Osmon - EKF

Parrot Kite

Bruce Lambert - NAFKA

3 x Fighter Kite CD Books

Carl Anderson - NAFKA

Fighter Kite

Ceramics By Linda

Ceramic Eagle, Horse Vase and Bear Family

CR Music Room Inc.

PA System Hire

Dennis Ische - Renegade Strings

Fighter Kite

Dick & Kathy Armstrong - EKF

Kite, Chair Umbrella, Kite Statue

Doug Rounding - EKF


Essex Free Press

Printing, Posters

Frank & Donna O'Neil - EKF

Boat Kite, Wooden Kite Spool

Larry & Karen Green - EKF

Memorial Rok

Larry Green - EKF

Fighter Kite

Pepsi Bottling Group

Special Events Trailer, Pop, Shirts, Hats, etc.

Public Safety Services

Two Way Radios

Rick Longhurst

Fighter Kite, Autographed CD

Royal City Fun Fliers


Sanford and Sons


Schinkel's Meats

Hot Dogs

Shoppers Drug Mart - Harrow

Gift Basket

Shoppers Drug Mart - Lasalle

Teddy Bear

Shoppers Drug Mart - Tilbury

2 x Disposable Cameras


$25 Gift Cert.


$25 Gift Cert., Condiments

Terry McPherson - Bandana Gang

Fighter Kites, Kite Book

TSC Stores Inc.

$25 Gift Cert.

Wonder Bread

Hot Dog & Burger Buns

What We Were Up To!

Tim & Denise Baxter (parents of Andrew) fly the Memorial Rok at the start of the mass ascension.

The kites take to the air for the mass ascension to the strains of 'Amazing Grace'. The Make-A-Wish® Memorial Rok took to the air first while the solo piper played the first verse and the rest rose as the massed band kicked in for the second verse. More than a few tears were shed during this very moving sight!

The Club Rok (shown here as the highest flying kite) was carrying a pair of black streamers in memory of two Club members who passed on earlier this year. Each streamer bore their names and they were presented to family members. A fitting tribute to lost friends.

Terry McPherson carries a very unusual 'stack' to the main arena in time for the mass ascension.

These are three fighter kites bridled as a stack!

Terry flies the stack and what an amazing sight it was!

The Make-A-Wish® Rok was signed by all the fliers when it was brought back to earth. It was then presented to the parents of Andrew Baxter as a memory of the day.

Part of the impressive ground displays on show.

The banners from the other side.

Kathy Holt of the Royal City Fun Fliers shows off their banner.

The wonderful banners of Eric Curtis from Boreal Kites in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Adrian Conn and Ron McDermott, Mayor of Essex, discuss kites and kite flying.

Bill Peart from the Royal City Fun Fliers put up his Delta and spinning line laundry.

The very beautiful Mermaid Genki belonging to Eric Curtis of Boreal Kites.

Kerry St.Dennis of the Royal City Fun Fliers gives a Rev stack demonstration to music.

Kerry and Bill of the RCFF also put on a 'six line' demo......a dual liner and a quad liner flown together to music.

The RCFF also ran a parabear drop.

For a small donation kids could have a bear ride the line and they were then presented with the bear....great fun for all!

Bill Peart gets ready to launch the messenger, the bear is just below his right hand.

Here a bear is riding up the line on the messenger.

A few seconds later and he is dropping clear of the messenger with his chute about to open.

Little Jessica retrieves the parabear for dad Kerry.

The registration table manned by Lyn Longhurst and Barb Osmon. Thanks for doing a great job girls!

Some of the fliers find time for a chat on the field.

Adrian Conn manages to grab a quick smoke while flying his big parafoil.

Dennis Ische, a.k.a. 'The Mad Scientist' 'inside' his wonderful large Bol.

Dennis also managed to get a fighter up in the air for a while.

Adrian Conn launches his world famous 'Genesis'. This kite rarely flies these days but this kite made Adrian a legend amongst kiters and sent him round the world TWICE!

Jessica Jonkman-St.Dennis receives the award for the 'Youngest Flier' from Rick Longhurst.

In the left circle (as we look at it) Ken 'Mr. Mustachio' Van Der Kolk takes on Terry 'McKite' McPherson in the fighter contest with Rick 'The Albatross' Longhurst acting as judge and relaying the scores to the PA announcer via 2-way radio.

'The Wizard' keeps score while 'Gumby' contemplates the next round.

Karen 'The Evil Sorceress' Green does battle in the right ring while hubby Larry 'The Wizard' Green acts as Judge and operates the FairStart timer.

'The Albatross' and Terry 'McKite' watch the fighter action.

EKF Chairman and Events Co-ordinator Rick 'The Albatross' Longhurst takes time out to fly a few points in the fighter contest.

Thanks for organizing a GREAT event Rick!

The fighter contest winner, Carl 'Gumby' Anderson. Carl managed to win every match he flew. He very generously presented his winning kite to Karen 'The Evil Sorceress' Green after the contest. Needless to say she is now grinning from ear to ear!

A few weeks later the members gathered for the 'official' check presentation. Shown in the photo are members of EKF, Tim and Denise Baxter and officials from the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Southwestern Ontario.

The presentation was a two-way street with the check going to the Foundation and the Foundation presenting awards to both the Club and Tim and Denise in gratitude for the fund raising efforts.

Fighter Contest Results

Flier Name


Carl 'Gumby' Anderson


Ken 'Mr. Mustachio' Van Der Kolk


Terry 'McKite' McPherson


Karen 'The Evil Sorceress' Green


Rick 'The Albatross' Longhurst


Larry 'The Wizard' Green